Tip #1

In the six weeks I’ve been on Paleo I have run across a number of instances where it would have been easy to fall off the Paleo wagon.  This is the one advantage to experiencing what it feels like to be deathly sick – it’s a whole lot easier to set your priorities.  But most people don’t have that very vivid memory to fall back on so it might be easier for those folks to give in to temptation.  Let’s face it – we’re ALL very adept at rationalization.   I will be posting a lot of (what I hope are) helpful suggestions since these precarious food-oriented social situations come up routinely in this thing called life and I have to deal with them as well.  Today’s topic:


Now movies were one of the frivolous expenses that I gave up in order to afford my good Paleo food and the increased health and vitality that they provide me.  But even when you know it’s frivolous and in six months it’ll be on video there are just certain movies that it is imperative that you experience on the big screen.  For me, one of these movies is the upcoming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part I.  MUST SEE. 

I know that my girls will want to see this with me and they’re going to want sodas, popcorn, and candy.  It’s tradition.  And honestly, were I a healthy Paleo individual who had been on Paleo for a year or more and seldom strayed, I would probably give in and partake of the crap and consider it a rare “treat”.  (Although I doubt I would consider it a treat the next day when I felt like crap, but that’s a post for another day.)  But I am not in that category and so I cannot afford even to consider it as a possibility.  So what’s to do?

1.  Take a Paleo-friendly snack.  Here’s my own concoction (you can find the directions for it here):

2.  Eat before the movie.  This is crucial.  Even taking a Paleo-friendly snack will only curb your appetite for a short time, especially when you’re surrounded by people passing the popcorn and offering you Milk Duds.

3.  Don’t forget your bottled water.  It would be sad indeed if you had done steps 1 and 2 and had forgotten a beverage.  Thankfully, even movie theaters have bottled water for purchase so if this was your only oversight you’ll still be fine even though the theater will be five bucks richer.

Sounds pretty easy, huh?  And it really is.  If you keep yourself prepared it will be easier and easier not to even consider non-paleo foods as any kind of substitute.


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