“You must choose, but choose wisely…”

There is probably no power more potentially detrimental to the human spirit than that of hopelessness. For where does the human spirit turn when it believes that it has been stripped of it’s power to control it’s own destiny? I have always been taught that built within mankind is an instinct for survival, and yet today everywhere I look our society has turned into one full of victims. So many people allow the negativity to consume them and they spend their lives expressing this victim mentality in one way or another. They become so ingrained in the identity of this helpless soul that they cannot see that they themselves have erected the barrier preventing their escape.
And then there are the warriors. These are those individuals who, faced with the same (and often worse) experiences as our “victims”, find themselves fueled by it. This is why I say that hopelessness is potentially detrimental. Some people find themselves engulfed by the darkness and instead of submitting to it, they rail against it. They grit their teeth and steel their resolve and do not stop until they find a way to claw out of the abyss. For these individuals there are no barriers, no chasms, no obstacles – only challenges to be overcome.
What makes these individuals different? What creates a warrior and what creates a victim? I’m sure there are a lot of psychological reasons behind it, and it is these excuses that victims use to enable their negative attitudes. The warrior, on the other hand, takes that negative experience and uses it as a building block to become a better and stronger individual. In the end, regardless of what we’ve experienced in life or how much sorrow and strife we’ve suffered, we are still left with a choice: give in or go on.
Every day brings it’s challenges. And there are days when I give in to the negativity and have myself a good old-fashioned pity party. We all feel sorry for ourselves at one time or another. It’s human and it’s natural. But if we allow ourselves to stay there in that “poor me” state, we are robbing ourselves of our own potential. Inside every single one of us is a spark of indefinable strength and courage. Feed it. Fuel it. Fan that spark until it fills you with a conflagration of sheer WILL. Then use that power to go out and conquer those things that brought you down. Find your fire.



One response

  1. nice post.

    tell it sister.

    the meek will inherit the earth.

    March 23, 2011 at 8:57 pm

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