Six Month Paleo Anniversary

If you’ve read my story on Robb Wolf’s site then you’ve heard all of this.  If not…

In the fall of 2009 I got very sick.  On Christmas day 2009 I nearly died.  Over the next few months I had dozens of visits to the hospital, the lab, my PCP, and my GI specialist and all they could tell me was that I was suffering from something auto-immune related.  The only two hard pieces of evidence that I had were the knowledge that my C reactive protein was a 12.04 and my stomach was emptying it’s contents at half the normal rate.  Eventually everyone had washed their hands of me and in March 2010 “handed me off” to a rheumatologist.  Unfortunately, they couldn’t see me for six weeks.  Well, I wasn’t just going to wait around for six weeks while Death loomed over my shoulder.  I had to do something. 

I knew that it was something auto-immune so I started there.  When I had eliminated every AI disease that didn’t fit my symptoms I was left with Celiac.  I was tested and while waiting for the results went wheat free.  Over the three day period as I waited for the results I noticed that I felt…better.  I was surprised when the tests came back negative, but I hadn’t stopped doing my research so I knew that you didn’t have to be intolerant to gluten to be sensitive to it.  My GI doctor (who kindly did the celiac test at my request) suggested that I maintain my wheat-free diet (which was already my plan) and suggested that we re-do the CRP after two weeks.  Within 5 days I came off of all the meds I had been taking to make my stomach work properly (a handful with every meal).  At the ten day mark we redid my CRP and it was down to 8.47.  A month after that it was 6.8. Bingo.

It only took two months for me to realize that wheat wasn’t the only devil in my diet.  I had to eliminate rice and, shortly afterwards, sugar followed suit.  I still had an enormous amount of visible swelling in my lower legs, ankles, and feet, however, so I knew there was more to the picture than I was seeing.

In late summer/early fall of 2010, Robb Wolf’s “The Paleo Solution” was finally available for purchase.  I tore through it and began my Paleo journey on September 27, 2010.  I haven’t looked back. 

Within three weeks my auto-immune symptoms were GONE.  No more gut agony, no more excruciating migraines, no more joint pain.  I was ecstatic.  The big surprise was that I was able to come off of all of my allergy meds at the same time.  BONUS!  The only thing I had to continue taking was my acid reflux meds and considering the amount of damage my gut had endured, I was not surprised. 

Well, here I am six months later.  No more inflammation.  My last CRP was a 0.9.  All meds are history.  The only pills I take now are fish oil, magnesium, Vitamin D3, and potassium.  At the beginning of the year I challenged myself to add Intermittent Fasting to the mix.  Most days I fast between 16 and 24 hours.  I eat when I’m hungry.  For the most part that is only once or twice a day. I’ve lost a total of 66 pounds.

The calorie counters can scream all they want that I’m on a calorie restricted diet and that’s why I’m losing weight, but I know better.  I may have a very low calorie intake, but if you look at the foods that I eat they are DENSE in nutrients and HIGH in satiating fat and protein.  This combination guarantees that I can eat very little, lose weight, and STILL not be hungry. 

When I do get hungry, I eat.  If I get cravings, I give in.  I can listen to my body now and know that it is giving me accurate information because it is no longer confused by the leptin desensitization of grain consumption. I love my Paleo life and I cannot imagine eating any other way again.  I read and I network to fuel my Paleo fire.  I challenge myself to learn more about nutrition and fitness.  There is nothing I will not do to further my health and longevity.  I may not live forever, but living a Paleo life is going ensure that I live as long as I can.  I got lucky on Christmas day, 2009.  I got a second chance at life.  I think I have an obligation to squeeze every second I can out of this life and I plan to savor every moment of it.


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