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I’m handy in the kitchen…mostly

I spent the day today doing odd and end foodee things.  I don’t have the need for condiments that I once had, but every once in a while you simply WANT barbeque.  Or ketchup with your homemade Yukon Gold fries.  Or mayo for your tuna salad.  So on occasion I find myself making condiments.  I use the recipes in Mark Sisson’s book “The Primal Blueprint Cookbook” and they’re really good!  Today I made ketchup and barbeque sauce and they’re both relatively easy.

Mayo is a different beast entirely.  I’ve begun to think that I simply lack that special something that mayo makers have.  If I knew what that special something was I might be able to attain it.  Alas, I remain clueless.  I’ve tried several different recipes and this is what I always get:


Mmmmm...egg oil!


I feel pretty stupid that I can’t even whip four ingredients into a creamy substance without failing miserably.  I keep waiting for the Paleo Police to come and take away my store-bought olive oil mayo and make me do penance: “Bless me, Grok, for I have sinned…”  The only good excuse I have is that I only use a few tablespoons once a month to make tuna salad.  I don’t want to let the mayo beat me, but if I think about it I would end up throwing most of the homemade mayo out anyway.  So I suppose I shall call this the end of my mayo experimentation and stick with the store bought. *sigh*

I also made beef arrowroot gravy today.  I threw it in the Grokpot with some grass-fed beef tips and cooked it for four hours for dinner tonight.  DEElicious!  I’ll be putting pastured pork ribs in the Grokpot tonight with the homemade bbq sauce I whipped together today for dinner tomorrow night.

Lastly, I put some almonds on to soak about seven hours ago so they’re ready to go into the dehydrator now.  There’s a strange sense of satisfaction opening my refrigerator door and seeing my nut containers lined up on the shelf. 🙂

Pecans, cashews, and walnuts (whole in the back and chopped up front). Their friends, the almonds, will be joining them in the a.m.