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Seven weeks

I’ve only been Paleo for seven weeks and it already feels like forever.

This is not a bad thing.

After Robb posted my story on his site, I made a few new friends.  For me, that has been one of the best things to come out of my ordeal.  It has enabled me to find people who understand what I have been through because they’ve been there themselves, or have seen first-hand the kind of hell metabolic derangement wreaks on a body.  These new friends, and the entire Paleo community, have become my extended family.  My real family, of course, thinks I’m kinda crazy right now.  Ok, it might be a little true.  I do tend to be rather…exhuberant…about my success and about Paleo and health in general.  I’m beginning to sound like a textbook and I’m sure that’s more than a little annoying.  I think they’ve sort of battened down the hatches thinking this is just another one of my “obsessions” and that any day now it’ll get old.  I can’t blame them for thinking that since I do have obsessive tendencies.  But if my family thinks this is one of them then they really have no clue just how sick I was.

I confessed in an email to one of my new friends that writing that story for Robb had an unexpected benefit that I could never have predicted.  It had an unbelievably cathartic effect.  Reliving the misery and pouring out all of that emotion in print enabled me to draw a line in the sand.  My life pre-Paleo was over.  The Fat Girl who went into the fire is not the same girl who emerged from it. 

So when I say it already feels like forever, what I mean is that the Paleo lifestyle is already second nature.  I set this blog up so that others could follow a Paleo beginner as she struggled through the transition from the SAD to Paleo.  But the truth is that after the first few weeks it became just…habit.  It’s no longer a struggle.  Honestly.  I’m no longer tempted by modern foods, and on the odd occasion when I see something I used to eat all the time and I remember distinctly how good it tasted, my mind immediately recalls how sick I was.  Needless to say the memory becomes less sweet.  There is a 3 day period every 25 days when my body is screaming for chocolate, but I have found that 1oz of super dark chocolate daily dulls the desire to run out and drive to Hershey, PA to drown myself in a vat of the stuff.  I also had a bizarre hankering out of the blue this morning for chocolate ice cream and this is certainly odd since even when I ate crap I never cared much for ice cream.  I’m thinking I was just hungry.  I have a tendency to forget to eat these days, especially on Saturday mornings since that’s my food shopping day.  My first stop is always my local farmer’s market since I prefer to make as many of my purchases as possible there.  Today was a light day since it’s Thanksgiving week and I’ll be at my mother’s and so won’t be doing much cooking.  Here’s what I got today:

No matter what I buy from my local farmers I always end up with enough for two weeks anyway.  I still have a lot of grass-fed ground beef and stew beef left from last week’s purchase so this week was all pastured pork/eggs.  Bacon, sausage, bratwurst, and eggs from T&D Farms along with some carrots, mushrooms, and radishes from a vegetable vendor, and I couldn’t resist the fresh-shucked oysters from my fresh fish guy.

This was another aspect of Paleo that I wasn’t expecting – the fun.  Who knew food could make you feel so alive?  Even tonight when I was hungry and tempted to do something easy like a hamburger patty, I couldn’t get the idea of Mark Sisson’s Shrimp Cakes out of my head.  So, as hungry as I was, I went to all the time and trouble to make them and MAN! I was not sorry!  They were fab-u-lous.  Mm!  And I had fun doing it.

Paleo did not just change my life.  It gave me a whole new one.  And it just keeps getting better.  Every.  Single.  Day.