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My first post! Yay!

Saturday is one of my favorite days of the week.  No, it’s not because it’s the weekend.  Ok, maybe that too, but today is grocery shopping day!  I used to hate shopping, but going Paleo has really changed the way I look at food.  You would think the fact that it takes me half a day to shop for food would make me despise it, but it’s just the opposite.  I almost DO feel like a cave girl out hunting and gathering!

First stop:  my local farmer’s market.  And this morning I went earlier than I usually do and got a very nice surprise.  In the stall next to the lady who sells the grass-fed beef and pastured pork and chicken was a guy selling fresh fish.  Seriously.  Like fresh off the boat.  I was delighted and a little disappointed at the same time since I hadn’t planned for it. 

My brain:  who’s that?  omg he’s got fresh fish.  on ice.  in a tiny little metal boat.  how cute is that?  hey, he’s cute too.  hey there’s a cute chalk board with the list of the catches with the prices.  it’s in all different colors!  how cool is that!?  that took some time to do.  shoot, most of it’s gone.  omg he’s looking at you – look away.  crap I didn’t plan on fish.  i want fish!  hey, he’s still looking at you.  he’s really cute.  don’t make eye-contact.  you can’t buy fish today.  get your meat and go.

So I bought my grass-fed ground beef and stew beef, pork sausage and bratwurst, and two dozen eggs and headed to the produce stalls.  There I bought spaghetti squash, green peppers, red pepper, jalapenos, cucumbers, the most beautiful spinach you’ve ever seen and the most delicious asian pears you’ve ever put in your mouth.  YUM.  On my way out though the fish guy caught my eye again (like I’m going to deny my eyes a little treat) and we got to talking.  I learned that you can sign up for emails which they send out on Wednesdays with a list of the catches.  He picks them up on Friday and brings them to market on Saturday morning.  He says if I have something specific that I want that I can email him and he’ll get it for me.  HOW COOL IS THAT?!

After I walked off I realized – I don’t know how to cook fish.  You can be assured that I’ll be spending some time this week Googling Paleo fish recipes.  😀

Second stop:  Trader Joe’s.  Here I get the fresh veggies and various odd items that I’m unable to get at the farmer’s market.  This week I purchased raw almonds, raw walnuts, 65% cacao chocolate callets, prosciutto, salami, mushrooms, and fresh mint and parsley.

Third stop:  Earth Fare.  I have to drive nearly an hour to get there, but it’s worth it.  I just used the time to take lesson four of my French lessons on CD.  😀  (Je comprends un peu le français.  Pero puedo entender espanol mejor!)  At Earth Fare I got red cabbage, swiss chard, cauliflower, coconut flakes, pizza sauce (Trader Joe’s had corn starch in it – bleh!), and one rare treat – raw milk gouda cheese. 

Fourth stop:  Wal-mart.  Here I got the basic cheap household stuff and finished my shopping for the day.

Thankfully, I had leftover roast with carrots and celery to re-heat since I was starving by the time I got home.  Is there a better way to round out your day than with great Paleo food and an episode of The Big Bang Theory on DVR?  I totally heart Leonard!  I’m such a big geek.  :p